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Art and War Kindle Scout Campaign

Hello, Everybody! My book, “Art and War” has been selected by Amazon’s Kindle Scout program! Kindle Scout is a reader-powered publishing platform for new, never-before-published books. Click the link below to take a look at my webpage, read a short excerpt, and (if you like what you’ve read), nominate my book for a publishing contract! If “Art and War” gets published, you’ll get a free copy! Sweet!



Strange Behavior

It’s so late but I’m not sleepy so why not talk to the world? For those of you insomniacs out there in the real world, feast your eyes on this cover for Tales from a Savage World! She sings from somewhere you can’t see. She sits in the top of the greenest tree. She sends down an aroma of undefined love. It drifts on down in a mist from above.

“Fine Feathered Friends” by Dave Dunstan

New Artist Collaboration!

Take a look at this fantastic banner! ICP is working with the super-talented Dave Dunstan (aka loppydave!)! Dave lent his talents to the cover of Tales from a Savage Planet and has recently completed the cover of our upcoming Music for the Deaf collection of short stories! Check out more of his work here at! You will be glad you did.

Dave Dunstan Original Art “Fine Feathered Friends.”


Dave Dunstan “Music for the Deaf” cover!