Modern Technology: A Hypershort Story

Chapter One: Things Get Sticky

Jordyn didn’t like the new biotechnology hybrids. The things moved. They squelched. They farted. But no one cared about what Jordyn thought. Everything seemed to have biotech hybrids in it nowadays, even Jordyn’s sandals. One day at the beach, her sandal squealed when she stepped on to the hot sand, and something burst all over her heel. Jordyn never wore biotech clothing again.

Pop goes the sandal!

Chapter Two: Bad to the Bone

Biotech invaded everything: The refrigerator, the microwave, the stove. You name it. But after a few weeks of working just fine, the equipment would begin to act up. The toaster started to grow skin, the refrigerator growled whenever Jordyne got too close, and the cushions on the couch seemed to be breathing when she sat on them. Jordyn tried to talk to her friends, her teachers. She even broke down and spoke to her parents about it. But everyone seemed oblivious. Then her dad bought her a new biotech radio right after they talked. Jordyn did her best to keep quiet, and at first, it was great, but then it started to bleed a lot. The manufacturer said that it was normal. But Jordyn drew the line when a backbone began growing out the top of the thing, and it started eating her favorite cassette tapes.

Radio, what’s new?

Chapter Three: Channel Z

Before biotech had invaded everything, she used to sneak down to the living room and watch TV at night after her parents had gone to bed. Not anymore. The bio-TV screen was usually full of blood and looked like a fish tank full of body parts. Sometimes she’d see an eye in there, and it would wink at her.

Nothing could be worse than when there’s nothing on TV.

Chapter Four: The Kids Are Alright

Her younger brother tried to upgrade his old Gameboy with a biotech chip. It worked great for a few weeks, and he played it all the time. Then he stopped. When she asked him why he replied that he’d never touch the thing again, he told her it was reading his mind and showed him pictures of people’s insides. A few days later, she saw him sitting in the living room with his Gameboy again just staring at the screen. After that, he was never without it.

Happy, happy, happy.

Chapter Five: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Jordyn finally drew the line when biotech matter began showing up in her food. Cereals, bread, and finally, her favorite mocha. She was out of the biotech hybrid game: No more bloated, hissing modems, no more breathing phones, no more food that tried to defend itself when she ate it. Her friends could make fun of her all they wanted. If it had living tissue in it, Jordyn wasn’t going near it.

Fork me? Fork you!

Chapter Six: Skull Candy

But then she saw those biotech headphones, and she just had to have them. So white, so clean. And the sound was incredible. Listening to her music was like having warm honey poured into her head. So what if her ears bled a bit when she used them? When she put those headphones on and played her tunes, the warmth of the music would slip deep into her mind, wrap around the base of her brain, and everything would be all right. Now she didn’t worry about biotech anymore. Jordyn didn’t worry about anything.

Listen to your heart beat.