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ICP Weekly Update

Kandy Kotton by Fernando Faria

Hi Folks,

Check out Chapter Two of Year of the Dead and find out what Cerra has been up to.  And check out this kick ass piece of art from one of my favorite artists: Battle Kandy by Fernando Faria. It’s #MadMax meets #Zootopia!

You can see more of his work at or here at ICP as we post his work on our Artist Highlight!

See you all next week!


Upcoming Books

Iron Cross Publishing Business Card 04Hi Folks,

It’s been a busy year here at ICP! We released Loser Takes All, The Great Wreck, Titan Asylum, and The Notice over the summer! What’s coming up over the winter? A whole heap of books! Here’s a peak: Escape an underground lunar city with Tazi in Into the Out, spend time back in the Great Wreck with Cerra in Year of the Dead, and survive your sophomore year in high school in Art and War. Look for them here in the upcoming months and check out the artists over on our new Artist Highlight Page!


Hanna Irsis Paz

Hanna Irsis Paz from Loser Takes All (artwork by Fernando Faria)
Hanna Irsis Paz from Loser Takes All (artwork by Fernando Faria)

Hi Folks,

I am busy applying the “shotgun” method of content uploading. Want another look at Hanna from “Loser Takes All?” Well, then here you go! And if you like the cut of her jib, download a copy of Loser from today!


Cover Artists

I really like working with artists to design covers for ICP books. After completing a book, it’s my favorite activity when getting ready to publish. Today, I’ll highlight one of the artists I’ve worked with for the cover of  “Loser Takes All.” Camilla d’Errico, an absolutely fantastic artist from Vancouver, BC. She designed the cover for “Loser Takes All” (ICP’s first published book) and will be working with us  on two of our upcoming book in 2016 (“Art and War” and “Loser’s Rule”). Take a look at this great cover then go visit Camilla’s website for more incredible prints ( !

Cover art by Camilla d'Errico. Download a copy from Amazon today!
Cover art by Camilla d’Errico. Download a copy from Amazon today!