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The Latest Alpha Short

Hi Folks! Welcome to another edition of Alpha Shorts! Take a tour with Jacob as he descends onto the tomb of the Last Apostle. Find out what he sees there! Get a souvenir on your way out! All souvenirs are blessed by the High Priest himself with nearly one percent of the net profits going to support the Orphans of Aegypt society! Plan you trip today!

Click here to read: Jacob and the Last Apostle

Story by Jack Stewart. Artwork by Adam Archer ©2017.

Art and War Kindle Scout Campaign

Hello, Everybody! My book, “Art and War” has been selected by Amazon’s Kindle Scout program! Kindle Scout is a reader-powered publishing platform for new, never-before-published books. Click the link below to take a look at my webpage, read a short excerpt, and (if you like what you’ve read), nominate my book for a publishing contract! If “Art and War” gets published, you’ll get a free copy! Sweet!



Strange Behavior

It’s so late but I’m not sleepy so why not talk to the world? For those of you insomniacs out there in the real world, feast your eyes on this cover for Tales from a Savage World! She sings from somewhere you can’t see. She sits in the top of the greenest tree. She sends down an aroma of undefined love. It drifts on down in a mist from above.

“Fine Feathered Friends” by Dave Dunstan

Titan Asylum, 2nd Edition Cover

You might feel a little prick.

Check out the new cover for Titan Asylum then go have a look at more of Ray Cornwell’s amazing art at

Ray is at the forefront of the Independent Anime movement. His art is hot, fresh, and sexy! If you like what you see there, check out his Patreon website for more fantastic pieces at:


Silo 17

Hi Folks!

Another week and another couple of thousand words down. I’m currently working on the first draft of The Exotics trying to get Ciro out of Silo 17 (she’s been stuck there for awhile waiting for me to get off my kiester and get her moving)! I hope to get The Exotics out in January of 2016. We already have a cover completed and ready to go that we’ll post when we get closer to our release date. The artist we worked with on it is the amazing  Lois van Baarle who did the artwork for The Notice. You can see more of her work at

The Notice KDP Upload
Cover art by Lois van Baarle

In the meantime, the crew here began working with Ray Cornwell (aka RoninDude) on the Year of the Dead cover! Yay! Ray is an extremely talented artist from Eureka, California. You can see his artwork at or here at or you can see some of his work over on the Artist Highlight page in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of Cerra, why don’t you go on over and check out Chapter Three of Year of the Dead and find out what our heroine has been up to the last week. Go, Cerra!

See you all next week!


ICP Weekly Update

Kandy Kotton by Fernando Faria

Hi Folks,

Check out Chapter Two of Year of the Dead and find out what Cerra has been up to.  And check out this kick ass piece of art from one of my favorite artists: Battle Kandy by Fernando Faria. It’s #MadMax meets #Zootopia!

You can see more of his work at or here at ICP as we post his work on our Artist Highlight!

See you all next week!


Hanna Irsis Paz

Hanna Irsis Paz from Loser Takes All (artwork by Fernando Faria)
Hanna Irsis Paz from Loser Takes All (artwork by Fernando Faria)

Hi Folks,

I am busy applying the “shotgun” method of content uploading. Want another look at Hanna from “Loser Takes All?” Well, then here you go! And if you like the cut of her jib, download a copy of Loser from today!