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Hawk and Young

Hawk and Young

January 7, 2018

This week were taking a look at an exiting new writing team over at!  Co-authors Eddie-Joe Young (@EddieJoeYoung13) & Elsha Hawk (@ElshaHawk) excel at writing #scifi and #fantasy #novels. They like dragons, pirates, ninjas, Vikings, harpies, & underdog heroes.

These  two writers of young adult science fiction, flash fiction, and wild speculative stories lay it all out on their website. Check out Robots Love Techno over on their web page and look for it here in the coming weeks with fantastic new artwork!  And now we’ll shut the hell up and hear from them!

We are Authors. Writing is what we do. This website is a new chapter for us. We’d love to have you join us.

Writing is an adventure. We hope our books take you places far from your home and leave you with new experiences.

We are alchemists. We hope to change the world, one word at a time.

To learn more about us, click on ‘About‘ in the menu bar. There you can also find our short stories and contact information.

We are two authors, joined by a single mission – to bring you epic tales of young heroes up against insurmountable odds, but with nerve, nudges by friends and foes, by accident, or by sheer dumb luck, they prevail.

We are building a compendium of short stories across time and space all based in one ‘world’ from a galaxy far far away that keeps interfering with ours. Why can’t they leave us alone, huh? 🙂

Robots Love Techno is one of these. It’s about a boy discovering that aliens do exist, and so does friendship, no matter how hard you try not to look for it.

If you’re not into aliens disguising themselves on Earth, try the short story The Fifth Step. It’s about reaching out to help those trying to overcome addiction and a mad scientist seeking the cure to aging on the streets of New Orleans where you can discover all types of people if you pay close enough attention.

Both short stories borrow characters from an epic tale about 4 best friends from New Orleans who make deals with a voodoo Prince, interact with the supernatural, fall in love, get involved in murder, and have the most epic cross-country bike ride ever. We hope to publish this tale in the future.

You can also check out the story that won Hawk the Write to Win contest, The Hatchling. It’s about two children who find a gargoyle egg that hatches and grows quickly under their care. The contest was to write a story that began with the line, “It looked like a..”

The gargoyle is a little bit of the dragon that drew us together. She hatched one day and changed our lives. As we write her into our epic tale of Vikings, Ninjas, Harpies, Knights and an evil King, we are always thinking about you, our readers.

Our dream is to publish our works, go on some book tours, and meet our fans.
You can help! Join our email lists, follow us on Twitter, facebook, linkedIN, Instagram, and YouTube. Go to our Contact page to reach out.

Then buy, review, and love our books when they are available. Without you, this dream is only a dream.