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Into the Out Cover

Hi Folks!

Take a look at the cover for our upcoming book Into the Out! This is Tazi sitting on the ringwall of Under-Moscow. Adam Archer is the fantastic artist who designed this cover. Look for Tazi and Into the Out in next few weeks and check out the draft cover for Year of the Dead over on the Year of the Dead page. You can see more of Adam’s work at or here or even better, here and here Enjoy!

Into the Out Cover Test 04

Silo 17

Hi Folks!

Another week and another couple of thousand words down. I’m currently working on the first draft of The Exotics trying to get Ciro out of Silo 17 (she’s been stuck there for awhile waiting for me to get off my kiester and get her moving)! I hope to get The Exotics out in January of 2016. We already have a cover completed and ready to go that we’ll post when we get closer to our release date. The artist we worked with on it is the amazing  Lois van Baarle who did the artwork for The Notice. You can see more of her work at

The Notice KDP Upload
Cover art by Lois van Baarle

In the meantime, the crew here began working with Ray Cornwell (aka RoninDude) on the Year of the Dead cover! Yay! Ray is an extremely talented artist from Eureka, California. You can see his artwork at or here at or you can see some of his work over on the Artist Highlight page in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of Cerra, why don’t you go on over and check out Chapter Three of Year of the Dead and find out what our heroine has been up to the last week. Go, Cerra!

See you all next week!