Promoting Independent Publishers, Authors, and Artists

We’re on the lookout for independent peers to cross promote here at Iron Cross Publishing!

Independent publisher, authors, and artists all face a common challenge: exposure. When they are not publishing, writing, or drawing, they spend their time trying to get their work in front of receptive audiences, get an agent, get promoted, get seen! Nothing is worse for a creative individual trying to make it in this industry to have their work sit in an obscure corner of the internet and not be read, looked at, reviewed, and enjoyed.

Are you an author, independent publishing company, or artist that would like to have your work evaluated and posted here? Then send us a note and we’ll look at what you’ve got! We can post your story, post your artwork, and promote your work on social media. At a minimum, we’ll post a blurb and link to you site. Check out our Artist Highlight page, read a story from our Guest Author’s page, or visit our independent publisher peers on the Independent Press page!

Skully says, “Drop us a line!”

This week’s guest is the talented team of Hawk and Young. Read their superb young adult story Robots Love Techno.

Hawk’s 2010 short story submission was chosen for “Eclectic Flash: The Best of 2010”. She won the Write to Win contest in the Fall 2009 edition of “Writers’ Journal”.
Young attended college on a Faulkner writing scholarship and was editor of his school paper. He was a freelance writer for the “Cajun Press” in Avoyelles Parish.

Find out more about them on the Independent Press page and visit their site at!

The Latest Alpha Short

Hi Folks! Welcome to another edition of Alpha Shorts! Take a tour with Jacob as he descends onto the tomb of the Last Apostle. Find out what he sees there! Get a souvenir on your way out! All souvenirs are blessed by the High Priest himself with nearly one percent of the net profits going to support the Orphans of Aegypt society! Plan you trip today!

Click here to read: Jacob and the Last Apostle

Story by Jack Stewart. Artwork by Adam Archer ©2017.

Art and War Kindle Scout Campaign

Hello, Everybody! My book, “Art and War” has been selected by Amazon’s Kindle Scout program! Kindle Scout is a reader-powered publishing platform for new, never-before-published books. Click the link below to take a look at my webpage, read a short excerpt, and (if you like what you’ve read), nominate my book for a publishing contract! If “Art and War” gets published, you’ll get a free copy! Sweet!



Strange Behavior

It’s so late but I’m not sleepy so why not talk to the world? For those of you insomniacs out there in the real world, feast your eyes on this cover for Tales from a Savage World! She sings from somewhere you can’t see. She sits in the top of the greenest tree. She sends down an aroma of undefined love. It drifts on down in a mist from above.

“Fine Feathered Friends” by Dave Dunstan